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Become a Mad Style Influencer!

Do you have social media presence with a following

of at least 5K on Instagram and do you have a blog/website?

The Mad Style Influencer program is an exclusive membership to online influencers who are passionately engaged in promoting a stylish and fashion forward lifestyle.

Mad Style is a bold and forward thinking fashion retailer, that is passionately leading the evolution of style.

We Believe:
Style is ever changing
Style is part of our individuality
Style is an expression of who we are
Style is a personal choice

We are committed to bringing style to everything we do. From our business and our products, to our team, customers and service. From our offices, our families and our lives.

If you think like us - Come join us!

We’re looking for loyal influencers to become apart of Team MS! To share our passion for fashion but not only that; we want you to embody the lifestyle to become a fashion inspiration for others!

Responsibilities of being an Influencer –

As a Mad Style Influencer, you will promote Mad Style throughout your social media platforms and blog. Providing us with photos and videos of you wearing Mad Style in your life. We want you to share your inspirations with our growing and like-minded community.

Mad Style Ambassadors are expected to participate in actively marketing our brand online. This entails generating online content for social media platforms and blog. As an ambassador it’s also important to be knowledgeable about Mad Style – from sharing details of specific brand items and/or simply sharing the fact that we are based in Broadview, Illinois.

Here are the specifics of our online marketing requirements:
  • Post at least 1 quality photo or video of you wearing Mad Style Apparel every other week. Visual context and quality of content are especially important. These will increase the power of promotion and help grow your audience!
  • Be respectful and endorse Mad Style in a positive way by sharing your stylish and fashion inspirations to your audience.
  • Include links to our website or social media platforms and information about Mad Style; Don’t forget to include your unique and exclusive discount code!
Benefits for being an Influencer:

In return for your support and participation, we will do everything in our power to promote and support you as our ambassador! This will include our efforts to help you grow and promote you as an influential leader in the fashion community.

We will provide you will all the essential tools and tips for promoting Mad Style. Including free promotional apparel and an exclusive discount code that you will share via social media (e.g., Instagram, Facebook & Twitter).

Becoming a Mad Style Influencer!

Our ambassadors are chosen based on creativity and engagement. Your writing, photography and social media skills are very important, so express yourself and get involvement! You’re representation as an influencer is simple: to passionately represent the spirit of Mad Style Apparel over 6 months of your ambassadorship.

Are you looking forward to this opportunity and becoming apart of Team MS?

We’re excited to hear from you, please fill out the Mad Style Influencer application today!

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