Your Winter Wardrobe: Putting the "Fun" in Functional

Posted by Mackenzie on 9/21/2016 to Winter Apparel
Your Winter Wardrobe: Putting the
Your Winter Wardrobe: Putting the "Fun" in Functional 

For many people, winter becomes a drag after a while. You are forced to wear heavy clothes, layer your outfits, and wear items that sometimes don't always show off your best features, all in an effort to stay warm. Just because the temperature outside is frigid, does not mean you need to feel frumpy, or just throw on whatever you may have in the closet to keep from freezing. There are several wintertime wardrobe staples you can keep in your closet to ensure you look good on the outside while trying to stay warm on the inside.

Scarves and Hats 
Keep an assortment of attractive scarves and hats in your closet. You should have some decorative items, as well as some for more casual occasions. Scarves will quickly dress up your work wardrobe, and you can wear them even when you are inside of the office. Hats are also essential for keeping your head warm, and are a great way to add the finishing touch to your outfit. When shopping for scarves and hats, keep a mental note of the color schemes in your closet so that you buy colors and styles that will coordinate with the clothes and jackets you already own. Avoid hats and scarves with funky colors and designs you may only wear once.

Jackets and Coats 
Jackets and coats are like the lifeblood of your winter wardrobe. When you shop for these items, make sure you are in love with them at the store or else you will hardly wear them when they are in your closet. You should always have a black and brown coat on hand for everyday wear, and a couple of colored coats or jackets for special occasions, and to match other outfits. It is a good idea to have a couple casual jackets and coats, as well as one or two for recreational activities. Peacoats are prefect for keeping warm, and are a great finishing touch for business and dressy attire. Looks for jackets and coats that compliment your body, and do not look like they are just hanging off of you.

Pins, Jewelry, and Hair Accessories 
The problem with a lot of winter weather attire is that it is plain, and lacks style. In order to add some fun and pizzazz to your winter wardrobe, stock up on jewelry, coat pins, and hair accessories that draw attention to you. Get pieces that are bold and big so that they don't just blend into your clothes. Accessories will add color to your outfit, and will make your winter clothes go from blah to beautiful quickly.

Boot, Boots, and More Boots 
Boots are designed to keep your feet warm and dry, and can make or break a winter outfit. When shopping for boots, look for styles that have plenty of personality. Plain boots will blend into your clothes, and the idea is to draw people's attention to your unique style. Buy many pairs in many sizes, and make sure they are embellished with buckles, fun designs, and even ornate zippers. You can even top off your look with decorative boot socks that have designs on the upper rims.

Sweaters are another winter staple, and you should take great care when purchasing them. Instead of purchasing plain-Jane sweaters just to keep warm, look for ones that are unique to your own style. Find sweaters with fun designs, oversize buttons, and other embellishments. Sweaters can be fun and funky, and will keep you just as warm as the mass produced, plain varieties on the market. If you are having problems finding the right sweater that fits your personality, try looking in a boutique shop, or learn to knit and make your own.

Winter is a cold and miserable time of year, but your wardrobe does not have to reflect that. With some careful planning, and smart shopping, you can have a fun and stylish winter wardrobe that still leaves you feeling warm and cozy on the inside.

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Gloria Jean
Hi, thank you so much for all your wonderful information. Since I live in the opposite hemisphere (Australia), is there an archive area on your site so that i can read past posts about the opposite seasons? Warm regards from Melbourne which was a wet and cold 14 degrees today
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Thanks for sharing the amazing post with us. This is one of the great posts I have read ever.

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