How to Feng Shui Your Home Office

Posted by Mackenzie on 5/31/2016
How to Feng Shui Your Home Office
If you are looking for ways to improve your home office, you should consider incorporating the principles of feng shui. Practitioners of this ancient Chinese design discipline believe that, by using feng shui in the office, you can increase your motivation and bring positive energy in the space. It can also improve your overall happiness by using feng shui in as many other areas of your home as possible.

Bring in Air-Purifying Plants. In feng shui, having plants that help to clean and detoxify the air while improving your oxygen levels is a great place to start. These are also easy to incorporate into any office. You can find a variety of air-purifying plants of varying sizes, from tall potted plants to be placed on the ground to small plants you can hang on the wall or from ceiling planters. You can also find small potted plants for your desk or other workspace in the office. Some good choices include the Boston fern, peace lily, ficus, and spider plant. Avoid those that could be toxic to your pets, such as draceana.

Reduce Clutter. Your home office should be free of  clutter, which can become distracting and reduce balance in the workspace. It is hard to become motivated when your mind keeps focusing on the various items that don't have a proper place. When setting up the office, find a place for everything. Utilize the drawers in your desk to put away pens, pencils, notepads, and paperclips. Make sure your desktop has only a select few and well-organized items. Put everything else in filing cabinets, bookshelves, or storage bins. Hide computer cords and put away all files when they aren't being used.

Position Your Desk Facing the Room. Instead of positioning your desk to face a window or wall, turn it around to have you facing the room. You want the entire office space to be in front of you, whether that means having the desk in a corner or against a wall in the office. You also don't want to sit in line with the door, as it can increase negative energy. The best position is the corner furthest from the door, with your back to the wall.

Decorate With Yin and Yang. When using feng shui in your home office space, you want to have a good balance of yin and yang. This includes using a good balance of light and dark colors when decorating. It doesn't have to be black and white; you might choose a combination of soft yellow and bright turquoise. You also should seek balance when choosing textures for furniture and flooring, such as surfaces that are smooth and hard or fuzzy and soft.

Optimizing the feeling and function of your work space can be as simple as tossing out clutter and bringing in plants, along with carefully positioning of your furnishings and mindfully selecting elements to achieve a balance of colors and textures. By incorporating feng shui into your home office, you welcome positive energy that will bring you better focus and motivation.

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