7 Tips to Help You Look Stylish and Not Bulky When You Layer

Posted by Mackenzie on 11/23/2016 to Winter Apparel
7 Tips to Help You Look Stylish and Not Bulky When You Layer
Wearing multiple layers of clothes is a great way to keep yourself warm when the weather outside begins to turn cold. You get to stay comfortable whether you're outside in the cold or in a heated office. You simply need to put on or peel off a layer. The layered look isn't usually a flattering one, though -- it easily tends to make you look bulky and shapeless. Fortunately, you can use your imagination to layer without losing your figure. While layering with style is a vast subject, these tips should help you get started.

Make sure that your layers are thin ones
Multiple layers only create an appearance of bulk when each individual layer is a thick one. Thick garments, though, go against the very principle of what layering is about. With thick layers, you're often either too warm or too cold. When you layer with lightweight items -- a fine-knit cardigan, a thin T-shirt or a feather-light Cashmere sweater -- you don't end up feeling like a blimp and you get to stay in tune with your environment, too.
You need to focus on making sure that those thin layers are snug, though
The more close-fitting the layers you get, the less bulky you appear. If you're getting a blazer, get one with princess seams; if you're buying a cardigan, get one with shape.
Loose clothes work, too
Loose layers can make you appear arty and fun instead of baggy and old-fashioned. It depends how good you are at picking graceful-looking clothes. You do need to experiment to make sure that you manage to pull off a great overall effect, though.
Balancing these clothes out with tight pants
You don't need to cover up with the same number of layers from top to bottom. The legs usually don't get too cold. While you may need to use two or three layers for your torso, your pants can be a skinny single layer in a great color. Your colorful, single-layer pants can help balance out the bulk of the multiple layers on your torso.
Knock yourself out with patterns
If the layers you put on do make you look a bit more bulky than you would prefer, you should consider picking items that make great use of colorful prints and textures. Mixing patterns, prints, finishes and textures often successfully takes attention away from any bulk that these items add to your form.
Pick a bold item of clothing
A bold, structured coat in a bright, feminine color, a vest that makes liberal use of faux fur, a thick, brightly colored scarf -- all these items can keep you warm. Nevertheless, people will notice of them for their boldness, rather than for how thick they are.
A rich, thick scarf can be a great layering accessory
Scarves are an important part of any layering plan. Not only do they help you retain heat, they bring style to your ensemble with all kinds of patterns and colors. The way you tie your scarf can help you make a fashion statement, too. From pretzel knots to the French twist, or throwing your scarf on like a shawl or cape, scarves can be stylish.

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